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Set Menus

Gourmet Selection at €34.00

An appetiser to welcome you

Hen's egg Cooked through at 64°, in a Meurette style sauce,

With onion chutney and a red wine foam


Home-made cold meat pie with chicken and duck foie gras,

mixed young salad shoots, Cumberland sauce

Venison stew, compote of red cabbage, pear in red wine and spatzlé noodles


The Chef's Suggestion for today

As you please: Mature cheeses from the local area or further afield from the trolley (+€7.90)

Mont-Blanc: smooth chestnut cream, blackcurrant sorbet and meringue


Dessert of the day

« Cooked with passion » at € 47.90

An appetizer to welcome you

Duck foie gras in a home-made terrine,

fig chutney and homemade bun

Pollack pan-fried, Sauerkraut,

Noilly Prat sauce and grenaille potatoes


Supreme of wood pigeon, roast pigeon supreme,

muslin parsnip, cranberries chutney fried tuberous chervil root, sherry gravy sauce

If you wish: Munster cheese flamed in cumin brandy (+€7.00)

All about mango and coriander: Compote of fresh mango, mousse,

cream and espuma of mangos and coriander, kumbawa crisp

“Pure Pleasure” at € 62.50

An appetiser to welcome you

Ravioli of fried garlic mushrooms

and grilled sesame oil

Pan-fried Duck Foie gras escalopes,

Quetsche plum chutney with spice bread

Pepper-roasted Tournedos of Simmental beef

root vegetables and grenaille potatoes

If you wish: The cheese board (+€7.90)

A sweet from the menu…depending on your desires