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Set Menus

Gourmet Selection at €32.90

An appetiser to welcome you

Poached hen's egg,

flavours of avocado and salsa


Tarte fine with crushed hazelnuts and asparagus,

served with a baby leaf mesclun salad

"Red label" chicken breast with herb jus,

spring vegetable medley and new potatoes

A Plateau of Munster Cheeses Fresh, mature, with cumin lightly brushed with beer caramel


The strawberry: curd cheese mousse,

strawberry salad and strawberry sorbet with lime

« Cooked with passion » at € 47.90

An appetizer to welcome you

Duck Foie Gras, home-cooked in a terrine,

with morello cherry and cardamom confit

Roasted gilthead bream with raw

and cooked fennel compote and hollandaise sauce


Veal loin cooked at a low temperature

and served pink with morels, sautéed asparagus and a parmesan tuile

If you wish: Munster cheese flamed in cumin brandy (+€7.00)

Exotic meringue shell: mango and coriander compote,

exotic fruit sorbet and lime chantilly cream

“Pure Pleasure” at € 62.50

An appetiser to welcome you

Seared loin of tuna on a garlic toast

with onion confit and a sherry/soy sauce

Snail "fleichnackas",

chicken mousseline and parsley cream


Local asparagus with hollandaise sauce

Pepper-roast beef fillet,

garlic puree, vegetables and new potatoes

If you wish: The cheese board (+€7.80)

A sweet note to suit your mood …