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Set Menus

Gourmet Moments compose your menu €32.90

An appetiser to welcome you

Seared marinated tuna loin,

tapioca in a vinaigrette


Spring salad with asparagus, filaments of salmon

Medium rare duck breast,

medley of textures based on carrots and their full-flavoured juice

Munster cheese board: Fresh, mature, with cumin lightly brushed with beer caramel


Raspberry and vanilla vacherin to order, Rocket espuma

« Cooked with passion » at € 46.90

An appetizer to welcome you

Duck Foie Gras, home-cooked in a terrine,

rhubarb compote poached in its own juice

Roasted sea bass in a bouillabaisse liquor,

compote of raw and cooked fennel, sliced saffron potatoes


Thick-cut loin of veal, morels,

sautéed asparagus, garden peas and spring onions, Parmesan wafer

If you wish: Munster cheese flamed in cumin brandy (+€6.80)

Strawberry and hibiscus

“Pure Pleasure” at € 61.50

An appetiser to welcome you

Tartare of tuna, radish, soy/sesame sauce

Del Plin snail ravioli, persillade of garlic purée and cream


Asparagus, mayonnaise sauce and vinaigrette

Pepper- roast beef fillet,

garlic purée, with a side of vegetables and potatoes

If you wish: The cheese board (+€7.80)

A Walk in the Black Forest, Morello cherry sorbet