Set Menus

Set Menus

Gourmet Selection at €33.00

An appetiser to welcome you

Marinated sardines with black-olive Pissaladière-style focaccia

and fresh young Mesclun salad greens


Poached chicken egg, spring onions with chive-flower vinegar, kitchen-garden coriander,

tomato confit, toasted pine nuts, and avocado emulsion

Medium-rare duck fillet with a mirabelle plum chutney flavoured with homegrown tansy,

served with mirabelle-flavoured jus and a duo of sweet potatoes

A Plateau of Munster Cheeses Fresh, mature, with cumin lightly brushed with beer caramel


Farm-grown faisselle mousse, apricot coulis with wild thyme,

apricot and thyme sorbet, Biskélia milk chocolate and puffed rice crumble

« Cooked with passion » at € 47.90

An appetizer to welcome you

Duck Foie Gras, home-cooked in a terrine,

with morello cherry and cardamom confit

Pan-fried ocean perch served with finely diced ratatouille,

wild rice and tomato and basil sauce


Pink roasted noisette of lamb served with finely diced ratatouille,

a duo of artichokes and thyme jus

If you wish: Munster cheese flamed in cumin brandy (+€7.00)

A Meringue shell with stewed peach and

peach sorbet flavoured with lemon and verbena

“Pure Pleasure” at € 62.50

An appetiser to welcome you

Carpaccio of Green Zebra, Pineapple and Beef tomatoes

enhanced with fresh homegrown herbs and served with lovage sorbet

Chanterelle mushrooms pan-fried with garlic, served with parsley butter


Pan-fried escalope, served with finely diced melon and raspberry vinaigrette

Roasted fillet of beef with pepper sauce

served with artichoke puree, finely diced ratatouille and small grenaille potatoes

If you wish: The cheese board (+€7.80)

Nyangbo chocolate 68% «grand cru de terroir» single origin from Ghana

served with stewed raspberries and chocolate ice cream topped with crisp hazelnut frills