Set Menus

Set Menus

Compose the “Tastes of Summer”

as you wish, at € 31.00

An appetiser to welcome you

Fan of melon and rosette of cured ham


Warm artichokes and prawns the way they do them in Monaco

Small mackerel cooked on one side only, Kumquat infusion, green asparagus and broad bean risotto


Slow-braised lamb shank, olive slivers and garden peas, creamy polenta

A palette of Munster cheeses with glaze of beer-flavoured caramel


Homemade tart with seasonal fruit


Panna cotta with raspberries

« The Summer Fruit Harvest » at € 46.90

An appetising prelude

Duck foie gras cooked in a terrine peach chutney with Gewurztraminer, Brioche bread

Tatin of Panfried saddle of rabbit on a red onion compote,

reduced blackcurrant juice

If you wish: Munster cheese flamed in cumin brandy (+€7.50)

Red fruit Pavlova

“Pure Pleasure” at € 59.00

An appetising prelude

Tartare of tuna, radish, soy / sesame sauce

Escalope of duck foie gras gently panfried,

Streussel with mirabelle plums, Seville orange juice

In the Great French Tradition: Peppered beef fillet flamed in Cognac,

potato millefeuille, sautéed vegetables

If you wish: The cheese board (+€7.50)

A sweet finish…

“Turf and Surf” at € 39.00

An appetising prelude

Tartare of courgette and tomato, Mozzarella and marinated anchovies

Seafood couscous against wind and tide Scented with Oriental spices,

Red onion jam, bouillabaisse stock

If you wish: The cheese board (+€ 7.50)

Roast apricots and their sorbet, honeyed, thyme-scented crumble