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Set Menus

Gourmet Selection at €35.00

An appetiser to welcome you

Tomato gazpacho,

flavoured croutons and creamy Burrata cheese


Thin-crust vegetable tart:

bell pepper pesto, feta, marinated artichoke, green beans, confit of fennel with rosemary

Lamb shank with slithers of olives,

semolina and a vegetable tajine, olive tapenade gravy


Day Suggestion

As you please: Mature cheeses from the local area or further afield from the trolley (+€8.50)

The Bergeron Apricot: compote with a smooth vanilla Mascarpone cream

salted crumble, apricot sorbet - with wild thyme from the banks of the Rhine


Dessert of the day

A Passion for Flavour at €50.00

An appetizer to welcome you

Poke Bowl with:

Marinated salmon, sherry sauce, sweetcorn, avocado, pineapple, ginger, spring onions and vinegar rice

Fillet of sea bream,

fine Nice-style ratatouille, Ratte potatoes, emulsion of bell peppers and white balsamic vinegar


Thick piece of pan-fried veal, smoked,

lightly whipped potato puree Nice-style vegetables, cherry tomato confit, gravy

If you wish: Munster cheese flamed in cumin brandy (+€8.50)

Iced parfait with herbs and Chartreuse,

tarragon confit, sorrel cream and thyme crumble

“Pure Pleasure” at € 67.00

An appetiser to welcome you

Veal and tuna vittelo tonatto-style

Chanterelle mushrooms pan-fried with garlic and parsley

Thick fillet of sea bass pan-fried with capers and lemon,

with lemon butter, aubergine caviar and courgette tagliatelle


Roast beef fillet,

meat gravy summer garnish and Ratte potatoes

Your selection from:

A selection of cheeses from the local area or further afield, from the trolley (+€8.50)

A sweet from the menu…depending on your desires