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Set Menus

Gourmet Selection at €37.00

An appetiser to welcome you

Cream of parsnip soup,

with hazelnut oil, onion confit and smoked milk croquettes


Leeks in vinaigrette,

with herbs pickled onions and cauliflower, scampi roasted

Chicken stuffed with mushrooms and truffles,

mixed vegetables, sweet potato puree and new potatoes


Day Suggestion

As you please: Mature cheeses from the local area or further afield from the trolley (+€9.00)

Memories of my childhood… milk and more:

vanilla rice pudding, smooth dulce de leche, caramelised white chocolate ice cream, fine crispy meringue


Dessert of the day

A Passion for Flavour at €54.00

An appetizer to welcome you

Duck foie gras home-cooked in a terrine,

mango and coriander jam, home-made brioche bread

Pan-fried Skrei cod,

celery mousse, shallot confit with soy sauce, meat-soy-coriander jus


Perfectly done tenderloin of suckling pig a la plancha,

panful of freshly picked mushrooms, variations on cauliflower, slightly smoked meat gravy

If you wish: Munster cheese flamed in cumin brandy (+€9.00)

Coriander mango: mango compote,

coriander foam, caramelised puffed rice, carpaccio of mango and fresh coriander sorbet

“Pure Pleasure” at € 70.00

An appetiser to welcome you

Hen's egg cooked at 64°,

potato puree with truffle breakings and a truffle emulsion, Vitelotte potato crisps

Roast scallops, Arborio risotto, chorizo,

braised vegetables, emulsion with rouille spices

Fillet of roast beef in a pepper sauce Cognac,

mixed vegetables, sweet potato puree, new potatoes


Fillet of Théo Kieffer pigeon cooked pink,

spiced damsons, red cabbage, beetroot puree, Anna potatoes

Your selection from:

A selection of cheeses from the local area or further afield, from the trolley (+€9.00)

A sweet from the menu... depending on your desires