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Set Menus

Gourmet Selection at €38.90

An appetiser to welcome you

Hen's egg cooked at 64°,

potato puree with truffle breakings and a truffle emulsion, Vitelotte potato crisps


Leeks in vinaigrette,

with herbs pickled onions and cauliflower, scampi roasted

ox cheek confit

glazed carrot and fried Polenta


Vegetable Day Suggestion

As you please: Mature cheeses from the local area or further afield from the trolley (+€9.50)

Snow Eggs

Pistachio custard and caramelized pistachio


Dessert of the day

A Passion for Flavour at €55.90

An appetizer to welcome you

Traditional duck foie gras in a home-made terrine,

Baerewecke fruit marmalade, home-made brioche bread

Pan-fried cod fillet, a bed of green cabbage,

grenaille potatoes, bacon chips, horseradish emulsion


Perfectly done tenderloin of suckling pig a la plancha,

panful of freshly picked mushrooms, variations on cauliflower, slightly smoked meat gravy

If you wish: Munster cheese flamed in cumin brandy (+€9.50)

Coconut, passion fruit and mango: an immortal sin !

Dacquoise and coconut mousse, passion fruit cream, exotic fruit purée and exotic fruit sorbet

“Pure Pleasure” at € 76.90

An appetiser to welcome you

Scallops Carpaccio style, cauliflower in a variety of textures,

sesame and yuzu vinaigrette, Timut pepper, citrus fruit and calamansi gel

Parsnip raviole,

sauteed mushrooms with garlic, smoked broth


Duck foie gras pan-fried escalope,

Apple, Guérande sea-salted crumble

Fillet of roast beef,

shallots sauce mixed vegetables, vegetable puree, new potatoes

Your selection from:

A selection of cheeses from the local area or further afield, from the trolley (+€9.50)

A sweet from the menu... depending on your desires