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Gourmet Selection at €35.00

An appetiser to welcome you

Hen's egg cooked at 64°,

tabbouleh with garden herbs and condiments, creamy miso sauce


Spring salad, with a duo of asparagus,

strips of salmon marinated in herbs, radishes and young broad beans

Pan-fried fillet of 'Label Rouge' chicken,

celery mousse, turnip glazed in butter, rich tonka bean gravy


Day Suggestion

As you please: Mature cheeses from the local area or further afield from the trolley (+€8.50)

Strawberries: Fresh cottage cheese mousse with Madagascar vanilla,

strawberry salad, a crispy shortbread,, strawberry and lime sorbet


Dessert of the day

« Cooked with passion » at € 49.00

An appetizer to welcome you

Duck foie gras in a home-made terrine,

strawberry confit, home-made brioche bread

Pan-fried fillet of sea bass,

risotto with spring vegetables, creamy slightly lemony emulsion


Rack of lamb cooked rare in a low oven,

glazed sand carrots and smooth mousse, potato gratin, thyme gravy

If you wish: Munster cheese flamed in cumin brandy (+€8.50)

Asparagus and sorrel: sorrel cheesecake,

asparagus confit and green apple, espuma and asparagus and sorrel sorbet

“Pure Pleasure” at € 66.00

An appetiser to welcome you

Seared, lightly cooked tuna with avocado cream,

sun-dried tomato, spring onion and fresh coriander, sherry soy sauce

Local asparagus with hollandaise sauce


Pan-fried escalope of foie gras, rhubarb poached with Thai basil syrup,

strawberry jelly, Guérande sea-salted crumble

Roast fillet of beef,

meat gravy pea puree, spring vegetables and lattice crisps

Your selection from:

A selection of cheeses from the local area or further afield, from the trolley (+€8.50)

A sweet from the menu…depending on your desires